My name is Alberto and I’m 16 years old. I’m a high school student and I live in Cavaso del Tomba, in the Province of Treviso, with my parents and with my two sisters.

As you will have gathered, I have a huge passion for motorcycles. I started to breath the dust and the smell of fuel when I was still a child; when I was 3 years old, still sucking on my pacifier, I already rode my bike without training wheels, and for Christmas that year I received my first motorcycle: a 50cc Yamaha PW… Clearly Santa had been wisely counselled by my uncle Renzo Botter, owner of Bottermoto!

I followed my dad in regional amateur races; I was still too young to race, but I was happy just to enter the track and do a lap, at the end of the day. When I was 5 years old, I joined a MX training school in Lovolo (Vicenza), under the coaching of Michele Fanton, and when I was 7, I finally entered my first races. In Monselice, during a regional race, I finished fifth.

In 2008, I participated in the Italian Championship for the first time, at the track of Città di Castello, in the Province of Perugia.

It had rained a lot before the race, and there was a chance that we “tiny racers” could not participate. I cried my eyes out the entire night before the race, but, fortunately, the Clerk of Course let us participate.

On that occasion, I climbed the podium for the first time in my life. On the same year, I won the Triveneto Championship riding my 65cc KTM.

Then, I won the Italian 85cc Junior Championship.

Unfortunately, the following week, during a federal training session, I fell and fractured my shinbone and calf bone on both legs, but, after a mere 3 months, I was already on my bike to continue my training.

In 2013, I finished second at the 150 Honda Challenge Championship. I had the opportunity to race in the World Championship tracks.

In 2014, I took the first place in the 125cc Supercross European Race, held in Milan during the EICMA.

In 2015, I switched to 250cc, and I finished fifth in the Under 21 Italian Championship.

At the end of the summer, I participated in the amazing night race of the Super Cross Cup in Bagnolo Mella: I finished first in my category and second in the Super Championship.


Today, I’m about to tackle a new challenge. Supported by my team, HONDA RED MOTO, I’m training to take on my rivals in Italy and abroad at the MX1/MX2 ITALIAN MOTORCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP and at the EMX250 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP.